We all hate being interrupted by an annoying video ad. Whether it’s a pop up invading your screen or a clip tacked on before a video you wish to watch, we all are counting those dreadful seconds until we can ‘skip ad.’

How can you move away from consumer interruption and towards consumer engagement? Long form content may be your yellow brick road.

As the age of video content is ushered in, creatives originally thought short-form video content was the best way to engage consumers. Now after recent research it has been shown long-form content may have its own set of benefits.

With the average human attention span at about 8 seconds, advertisers are constantly looking for new ways to capture consumer attention and one-up competitors. This has polluted the environment with a great deal of noise. Advertisers have successfully cut the length of their ads and have the ability to pack minutes of content into 15 seconds, but as consumers proactively seek to cut noise, efforts are surely wasted.

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